Fatal Accident in Robeson County Kills Bride-to-Be

ROBESON COUNTY -- A fatal accident in Robeson County killed a bride-to-be and injured two others Thursday evening.

According to highway patrol, Rhonda Holden and Reefe Jacobs, Holden's fiancé, were driving on NC-72 near Pembroke, on their way to check on the groom's tuxedo.

When Holden slowed down to make a left-hand turn, a white pickup truck following close behind slammed on the brakes, forcing a car behind it to swerve to the left.

The car that swerved hit Holden's car, killing Holden instantly.

Jacobs was taken to the hospital. Laura Locklear, 18, who drove the car that hit Holden's car, was also taken to the hospital. Neither person suffered life-threatening injuries.

Charges are pending on Locklear.

The driver of the white truck was not hurt.

Authorities told WECT that Jacobs recently returned from serving in Iraq. He and Holden were getting married in October.

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