Commission Takes Step to Promote ATV Safety

WILMINGTON -- The Consumer Products Safety Commission took a step Thursday to curb accidents and deaths caused by all terrain vehicles (ATV).

The commissioners promoted helmets and parental supervision that could prevent deaths, such as the one that claimed the life of a nine-year-old Burgaw boy just months ago.

Rick Maready, an ATV salesman in Wilmington, said that he had to turn down about one out of five customers who tried to buy a child-size ATV for children below the legal age of nine. He said that parents had the ultimate responsibility.

"It requires supervision. It is not a toy where you can go off and say have a good time and again," said Maready. "You've got to be sure they're using the proper safety equipment."

Almost 25 percent of all ATV accidents involve children under 16.

Reported by Kim Gebbia