Alleged Killer of Reginald Dent Back in New Hanover County

WILMINGTON -- James Rose, 43, has been captured and brought back to New Hanover County after a three-month pursuit by law enforcement.

Rose faces first degree murder charges for the alleged shooting and killing of Reginald Dent, 36, in Wilmington last May.  In addition, Rose is charged with first degree kidnapping, robbery with a dangerous weapon, and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Rose is now in jail under no bond.

He was arrested in New York for drug charges. It took a while for detectives to find him, because he was under the alias Charles Gause.

According to detectives, Rose robbed a video poker outlet on Market Street where Dent worked.

Dent was fatally shot in the chest when he tried to stop Rose.

Dent's mother Frances Boynton said she was glad that Rose was back in New Hanover County, but she did not want revenge.  She just wished she could welcome her son walking into her home again.

"On my off days, I'd be on the couch watching TV," said Boynton, "and I'd be looking for him to come in the back door anytime."

The video poker outlet is still operating five months after the murder. While police would not say whether it is operating illegally, they said they are keeping an eye on it to prevent the next murder and the next heartbreak.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer