New Law in Bladenboro Limits Number of Pets

BLADENBORO -- Animal lovers in Bladenboro are concerned they may have to pick which pets to keep and which to get rid of, because of a new town ordinance.

Last week, the Bladenboro town council passed an ordinance that limits residents in the city to a maximum of six animals: three dogs and three cats.

Town Manager Delane Jackson said that many people had been informed about the new rule.

According to Jackson, town officials would not be going door-to-door to count the number of pets at a residence. The ordinance will only be enforced when the town receives complaints.

"I don't think the town has the right to tell citizens how many pets they can or cannot have," said Bladenboro resident Alex Edwards.

Jackson said that the ordinance is to protect residents from possible vicious animals and nuisance pets.

Reported by Sarah Warlick