Commission to Ask State to Close Jasmine Cove

WILMINGTON -- The New Hanover County commissioners passed a resolution Monday that asks the state department to shut down Jasmine Cove assisted living facility.

The future of the facility, formerly known as the Meadows, was once again debated in the county commissioner meeting on Monday morning. Wanda Marion, a Department of Social Services representative, argued that Jasmine Cove needed to be shut down once and for all.

"It's the serious deficiencies I'm still concerned about," said Marion. "They need to know how to administer medications. Also when people need outside medical help, they need outside medical help."

The resolution, which mentioned the 30 violations recorded since January and more than 80 visits by DSS, was passed unanimously.

The current owner of Jasmine Cove was present in the meeting. He recognized that the problems were all in the past.

"They are absolutely making every effort to correct this black eye we've got here," the owner said. "They feel like they're ready as we speak."

Residents at Jasmine Cove said that they had noticed improvements since the home went under new management in August.

Jan Raby, a Jasmine Cove resident, was worried about whether she needed to look for a new place to live.

"They don't know what to think because they don't know what's going on exactly," said Raby. "It's a bad feeling to not be sure what's happening and what's going to happen to you not too far down the road."

State officials were aware of the situation. They will give the final inspection to determine whether the facility is safe for operation.

Reported by Kim Gebbia