Floods from Ernesto Still Troubling in Pender County

PENDER COUNTY -- Rain fell again in Pender County Thursday. The boats some residents have been using to get around are parked. But some houses are still surrounded by water and homeowners are crying out for help.

"There's a lot of devastation here," said Pam Lineberry. "It's just very frustrating because we haven't had a lot of assistance."

Even two weeks after Ernesto swept through the region, many driveways in Pender County look like they did the day after the storm.

The Cape Fear River has dropped below flood stage for the first time since the storm tore through the area, but it is still keeping some people from easily getting home.

Pam Lineberry and her husband are returning home on River Birch Road after evacuating on Sunday.

With rain expected in the next few days, people on private roads will continue to worry about flooding and the mess, such as washed out roads, that awaits them when it all dries up.

"We'd like to see a good month with no rain," said Alan Goff. "Then it might get back to the consistancy we're used to."

Reported by Nicole Ferguson