Police Chief Responds to Claims of Brutality

WILMINGTON -- Police Chief Ralph Evangelous had an answer to complaints of police brutality, including the following 911 call:

Caller: "I'm on Yester Oaks Road..."
Operator: "Yeah, we've got people coming out there."
Caller: "No, no. I'm calling for something else. I just saw, along with about 50 other people, four cops beat the hell out of this little kid. Four! Four police officers beat the hell out of this little kid. He's laying unconscious..."

That was one of the several calls dispatchers received, after police broke up a party on Yester Oaks Drive early Sunday morning.

Witnesses told WECT that police tased Casey Davis, Evan Pileri and Jarred Callahan. They said that police beat Davis until he was unconscious.

Photographs taken by witness Kyle West showed blood in his house left from Davis' head.

West alleged it was police brutality, because the three students never touched an officer. But Evangelous said that was not the case.

"When they were on the ground wrestling with him, attempting to handcuff him is when he was tasered," said Evangelous. "I don't know what other fairy tales we are hearing here, but that's the facts."

The police chief would not talk about accusations that officers continued to beat Davis with a baton after he was unconscious.

While the incident remained under investigation, Evangelous said that the police department would not apologize for attempting to bring tranquility back to the neighborhoods.

Evangelous said that there were 36 noise violations on Yester Oaks Drive in the past three weeks. He said that officers would not tolerate college students breaking the law from now on.

In fact, the chief said his force would crack down even harder on partygoers, which could mean more arrests.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer