Pooches Frolic at Annual Dog Jog

WILMINGTON -- You would not have find any kids splashing around in the swimming pool outside Legion Stadium on Saturday. That was because some four-legged friends took over the pool.

Saturday was the annual dog jog benefitting the Wilmington Dog Park committee.

Dogs of every shape and size jumped in the water for the Pooch Plunge.

Some dogs loved the water, while others prefered to lounge on the sidelines.

There was a dog water race. While some dogs seemed to understand the point of a race, others apparently tried to cheat by running along the outside of the pool to the other side.

"It's probably really exciting for them to see all the other dogs around," said dog owner April Powers, "and all the dogs here have been trained to do good and to respect their owners."

Because of the popularity of the event, the City of Wilmington decided to extend pool hours for dogs.  The pool will be open exclusively to canines every day from 4 to 7 p.m. through Friday, September 15.

Reported by Dan Cassuto