Offshore Hurricane Brings High Surfs to Area Beaches

NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- Hurricane Florence did not pose a direct threat to the Carolina coast, but it kicked up some large waves and high surf.

Kure Beach was nearly empty Sunday, partly due to rough waters and unfavorable swimming conditions.

A few swimmers and surfers in the water reported waves breaking close to the shoreline and surprisingly rough and hazardous conditions.

Lorraine Meyer said she was an avid swimmer, but she had to be rescued from a rip current.

"I couldn't catch my breah, and couldn't come up," said Meyer. "I kept feeling it pull me under and out. This gentleman came up with a long board and said let's ride it in."

"If it hadn't been for him," Meyer continued, "it would have been really scary."

However, there were dozens of surfers at Wrightsville Beach, who said the surf conditions were not as great as they had hoped for, considering the hurricane offshore.

But that did not stop them from flocking to the area near Johnny Mercer's Pier in droves. Some even made the trip to Wrightsville Beach from Atlantic Beach.

Reported by Dan Cassuto