Two Rescued Horses Get New Lives

NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- Just six weeks ago, two abused horses were holding on to dear life. Now they are in good hands.

When animal cruelty investigators rescued Lacy from a Columbus County home in July, she was extremely malnourished, and partially blind.

But after getting proper care and attention in the past few weeks, Lacy's condition improved dramatically.

She was taken to the Coastal Community Barn in New Hanover County last week, where she gets to run and graze freely.

Animal lovers hope Lacy's past will not repeat in the future.

"My vision for the future is definitely not to have animals go through this ever again," said animal cruelty investigator Jackie Schevis. "I know it'll probably never happen, but it's good to hope for and to educate people and to just basically have them be really informed on what they should or should not do."

Another rescued horse named Strawberry was also doing well. She is recovering in Pender County after having her ear tumor removed.

Reported by Kelli O'Hara