Found Ohio Man Placed in Intensive Care

WILMINGTON -- Jeff Keller, a visitor from Columbus, Ohio, who went missing for days, had been put in intensive care, after his condition deteriorated from fair to serious.

Keller, 40, developed a fever and pneumonia, two days after he was brought to New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

The partially blind man was visiting Wilmington last weekend to play golf with an old college friend.  But he disappeared last Friday night from City Limits Saloon in downtown Wilmington.  On Wednesday, he was found lying under an overpass of Martin Luther King Parkway, where he had apparently fallen off.

Keller's family flew into Wilmington from Ohio earlier this week.  Family members were not sure how the man survived for five days and nights.

Besides being exposed to the elements, Karen Hupp, Keller's sister, said the family suspected that animals were eating away at his skin.

"On his legs he's got big bites, we think it's the water moccasins, and the snakes that were in the water," said Hupp.  "We also went today and saw the crabs.  We think they were eating on him."

"The things he had to do to survive, we're not sure how he's alive," Hupp continued.  "We're not sure how he's alive."

Keller is expected to have surgery when his condition improves and stabilizes.

Reported by Kelli O'Hara