Woman Charged with Friend's Murder


Brunswick County Sheriff Department arrested a person for the murder of Carla Bussard, 36; and it was not a man named "Wayne."

Sheriff Ron Hewett said Bussard's friend Martha Farmer, 40, had been charged with Bussard's murder.

Farmer had told detectives she picked Bussard up from work at Eddie Romanelli's in Leland Monday night then dropped her off with a man named "Wayne" at the BP Gas Station on the corner of highways 211 and 214.

But Hewett said that was a lie, and Farmer was the one who drove Bussard to the murder scene and killed her.

Authorities would not say whether Bussard's death was the result of a love triangle.  Farmer was an EMT at Amera-Tech and her estranged husband works there.  Detectives said Farmer responded as an EMT to the crime scene.

Hewett would not say why authorities thought Farmer murdered Bussard.  He would only say the two were friends.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer