Missing Ohio Man Found in Wilmington


After five days of searching, family and friends of Jeff Keller are relieved he's been found alive.

Keller, 40, was found wide-eyed and alert in a swampy area near Smith Creek Wednesday afternoon.

He was last seen Friday evening at the City Limits Saloon in Downtown Wilmington.

Police Officers were flagged down after several motorists saw Keller in the swamp that's 50 fifty below an MLK Parkway overpass.

Authorities say once they got to him Keller said he had fallen, his back was hurting and he'd been crawling and yelling for help.

No one knows how he got into the swamp or how long he'd been there, but friends and family say they're just happy he's alive.

"He doesn't remember, but at this point and time nobody cares. I think we're all just happy that we found him and he's safe," says Bill O'Brien, Keller's friend.

Keller will be undergoing surgery for a broken pelvis before returning home.

Reported by: Nicole Ferguson