Floodwaters Force Residents Out of their Homes


"What do you think when your entire home is surrounded by water?" asks Martin Benton, a Delco resident.

Heavy rains from Tropical Storm Ernesto caused flooding in parts of Columbus County.

People along Water Tank Road in Delco were evacuated Friday after Livingston Creek overflowed into their street. Nearly 17 people are looking for a place to stay until the waters recede.

Officials say the water is expected to rise in the two days. That has residents worried about their homes and belongings.

Benton's home is endangered by the floodwaters. He's not angry about the water, he's angry at the county, "We've been after our county officials for several years to get this creek, Levison Creek, taken care of when the water flows into it. It needs to be cleaned out. It's loaded with trees and beaver dams that have fallen with hurricanes. You can't even get a boat down."

The displaced residents will not be able to go home until the waters recede.

Reported by Kelli O'Hara