Myrtle Beach Ready for Ernesto


"We're communicating with the local city mayors, keeping the lines open, ready for whatever the storm may bring," says Lisa Bourcier, Horry County spokesperson.

The Horry County Emergency Operations Center is preparing for whatever Ernesto may bring to South Carolina.

Government officials and residents in the coastal communities are keeping a close eye on the storm. They're trying to figure out what track Ernesto will take and how strong it could be.

Officials say even though Ernesto may only bring minor winds and rain, they want to use this opportunity to prepare for the next big storm.

Jan Lewis of Surfside Beach says, "We're taking this opportunity and acting as if we're in the line of fire."

Whether it's big or small, Ernesto will have an impact on the area. But there will be plenty of people ready to greet it.

Reported by Joe Keiley