Human Bones Could Help Solve Cold Case


Human bones found in Brunswick County may help solve a four-year-old missing persons case.

Authorities say a lumber company employee found the bones Wednesday morning. They were scattered in a heavily wooded area off McComb Road near Calabash, near the state line.

Alongside the bones were other pieces of evidence including 11 keys, a 2001 quarter and a large diamond or cubic zirconium earring.

Authorities are not ruling out the possibility the bones belong to Alice Donovan. Donovan was kidnapped from a Wal-Mart parking lot in Conway, South Carolina back in 2002. Two prison escapees abducted her. They told authorities they hid her body in Brunswick County. Despite months of searching, Donovan's body had never been found.

Authorities are hoping the small pieces of evidence lead to answers.

"If we find out the doors that these keys open, it will certainly open the door to our investigation," says Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett.

Hewett say his investigators believe the bones have been in the woods for at least a year.

Reported by Nicole Ferguson