Rescued Pets Find New Homes in Wilmington

WILMINGTON -- Lenniece Morrell's dog Romeo was rescued from the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina. Over the past year, Pat Nowak had been taking care of the dog, acting as his foster mom in Morrell's absence.

"Romeo is reunited," said Nowak. "However, his owner, Lenniece Morrell, is not ready for him to come home."

Morrell came to Wilmington for a visit once, to let Romeo know she would be back for him one day.

Howevernot all the dogs and cats taken in by volunteers with Wilmington's Carolina Canines have been reunited with their parents.

Eddie was rescued from a rooftop. His owners had not been located. But he had also won over his foster family.

"You know what happens: you fall in love with them, and they become part of your family," said Eddie's foster father Jack. "So he's definitely one of the family members now."

Over the past twelve months, Carolina Canines had seen many success stories.

"Occasionally we get an email from an owner who had been reunited with their animal several months ago," said Nowak, "just to tell us that everything is okay, and they're thankful for it."

While Eddie and Romeo could not tell Nowak how grateful they were, the affectionate animals seemed to have found and spread love along their unexpected journeys.

Reported by Sarah Warlick