Katrina Sets Preachers on Spiritual Journey

Sheraton Walls
Sheraton Walls
Gail Walls
Gail Walls

WILMINGTON -- Moving on from a disaster is never easy. But when Sheraton and Gail Walls saw Hurricane Katrina destroy their home in Gulfport, Mississippi a year ago, their only option was a leap of faith.

"We knew that the Lord was moving us," said Pastor Gail Walls. "We didn't know where he was gonna be moving us, but we knew it was a move of God in our lives."

So with just $10 in their pockets, the couple moved to Wilmington.

"When the storm came, we basically were in a time of rest," said Pastor Sheraton Walls. "And we gave God that burden. It was too heavy for my wife and me to handle. It was God's fight, so we basically turned it over to him."

The couple of preachers of the Outside Ministries believe that it was their unwavering faith that kept them safe and brought them to Wilmington. Now, the couple is spreading the word through their ministry, reaching out to those who, like themselves, had lost everything and needed some comfort in their lives.

As the anniversary of Katrina quickly approaches, the couple gave their sermon on the lesson they had learned through the storm -- resting in God.

"That's what Jesus did with his disciples," said Sheraton Walls. "As he was sleeping through a storm, he had peace through the storm. We're to have the same peace going through the storm."

"Things are to come. There's nothing we can do to stop wars, to stop storms," Sheraton Walls continued. "You have to have faith in God that he will carry you through these things."

From survivor to survivor, there is no message more inspiring than the couple's faith.

Reported by Chunshek Chan