Former Wilmington Doctor Remembers Katrina

WILMINGTON -- It was only one year ago that Greg Henderson was treating patients in the New Orleans convention center. The former Wilmington doctor found himself part of the chaos as the water levels continued to rise, so did the amount of people in desperate need of medical help. He can still remember looking at the almost 30,000 people gather in the convention center and asking himself: "what am I going to do?"

So Henderson did what he knew how to do, treat patients. He worked around the clock to reach as many people as possible. For some it was too late. This experience in New Orleans forever changed the way he looks at his profession.

"It changed the way I address people as a pathologist," said Henderson. "And it affects how I address my life, my profession. It was just a transforming experience."

There were many lessons learned not only for Henderson but for coastal cities across America. Henderson warned that Wilmington is just as vulnerable as New Orleans when it comes to hurricanes like Katrina. The slow first response from the national government is a harsh reminder that people need to take their safety into their own hands. He says to act locally and quickly. This for Henderson is the biggest lessoned learned.

Reported by Kim Gebbia