Water Supply Short in Riegelwood


-- Local children were sent home early Friday because their school doesn't have water and the supply is short in their town.

The community of Riegelwood is suffering a severe water shortage after the line that supplies the community was broken. The line break and the lack of water is affecting everyone in the area.

Acme-Delco Middle School had to cut short the first day of class because of a lack of water in the school restrooms. The school is in Delco but gets its water from Riegelwood.

Riegelwood is supplied its water from the International Paper Mill. The mill says a line was severed by a piece of equipment Tuesday night. Since then residents have been dealing with discolored water and lack of pressure.

officials with International Paper says they're still investigating the incident, but they're working with the community to ease the water troubles.

Water pressure is expected to be restored Friday evening, but officials advise that residents should continue to conserve water. A boil water notice is also ongoing.

Reported by Joe Keiley