Drug Bust Catches 'Big Time' Dealers


Wilmington police say they've rounded up four "big time" drug dealers.

Police arrested James Brown, Christopher Gause and Bryan Walker Tuesday for trafficking cocaine. Bobbie Overbey is charged with possession of the drug.

Vice officers confiscated three guns, around $15,000 and a quarter kilo of cocaine.

Chief Ralph Evangelous says Gause was their main target. Officers say he was dealing mass quantities of cocaine out of his business X-Slave Fashions on Castle Street.

Evangelous says none of the four men saw the bust coming.

"I don't think they expected this all to go down, because they have basically been operating for years and years. Suddenly, they are all in custody. These aren't young guys. These people are in their 50's, some of them. They've been involved in the drug world for decades," Evangelous says.

Brown is being held under a $150,000 bond and Gause is being held under a $450,000 bond. Overbey and Walker posted bond and are out of jail.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer