First Act: Kidz Flix


-- You won't see the latest summer blockbuster or today's big name actors, but the thrill of an afternoon at the movies is still there.

The Kidz Flix movie program gives children a chance to see some oldies but goodies, like Pete's Dragon. Even after 30 years, the famous cartoon beast continues to charm the youngest audiences.

What makes this movie experience unique is not the biggest screen or the latest surround sound system. It's historic Thalian Hall itself that draws families in on a Saturday afternoon.

"We like to come here just because it's a wonderful movie as far as the ambience inside," says Avery Brevin.

For other parents it's a time to share their childhood memories with their kids.

"I prefer the old movies, the ones that I loved when I was a kid. You don't see those in the first run theaters," says Mallory Tarses.

And for others it's a chance to offer their children a walk back in time.

"I do see parents when they come in are giving them a little bit of a history lesson. They take them to the sculpture in the front of the lobby. They bring them in the theater and explain how it's over 150 years old. It's a whole experience, not just going to see a film," says organizer Suzanne Smith.

The Kidz Flix program will run through January. The next movie is Mary Poppins. You can catch that Saturday, August 26 at Thalian Hall at 11:00am.

Tickets are $4.00. For more information call 343-3664.

Reported by Heather Setzler