Vandals Spray Paint Local Schools


-- Teachers and staff at Parsley Elementary on Masonboro Loop arrived for work only to see vandals had already done a job on the school. Obscenities were spray painted on signs, mobile classrooms, and even cars.

Wade Cotton has two children at Parsley, and he pitched in to help as soon as he saw the damage.

Holly Tree Elementary a few miles away is also in clean up mode. County workers removed spray painted graffiti from the windows.

Police don't know who did it. They do know it's not easy to remove.

Parsley Principal Michael Zentmeyer says it's a disappointing waste of time and money so close to the start of school. He says the vandals will pay for what they've done.

Thanks to the work of people like Wade Cotton, the evidence of a mindless crime is quickly disappearing.

The Parsley principal says the school should be completely clean by the open house Thursday.

Reported by Joe Keiley