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Here's what I think: I think you're as full of Crap as a Christmas Turkey! First off, the "reports" raining down from so-called scientists are NOT factual, but as in most cases, if it's put into a report, most folks are apathetic enough to belive it! I'm willing to bet not a single person on the staff of WECT can, without a doubt , PROVE that second hand smoke IS, in fact, as harmful as what has been put into reports. What I know absolutely is, not a single smoker has written any report on the dangers and hazzards of smoking! It's kind of like the ole Fox guarding the hen house! What amazes me is, in My generation, our Moms & Dads smoked like a smokestack, and We children of those unions aren't sickly, feeble, under weight Or without our hair! (At least I'm not!) My mother smoked like crazy while she was carrying me, and I'm 6"3" & weigh 251 pounds! Just think!  Had she Not smoked , I would've been 7' 5" and weighed 361 pounds! Whew! Thanks Mom!  And This  is what I Think! If you don't like the smoke, STAY HOME! Or move back to that Northern state you came from! Warmest Regards, R.C. Bottles


I am an ex smoker, but I would rather see drinking banned than smoking. Compare the number of people that have been hurt or killed by an intoxicated person to a smoker. Linda