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Having lived here for the past decade and having run a small business for a time, I can speak from personal experience.  The downtown was charming and fun to walk with the antique shops and small businesses.  Now the sidewalks are littered with garbage, urine and broken glass.  NOT charming.  And now these ringleaders want to undo Front Street at a COST TO TAXPAYERS.  Front Street remains a small street that services the bars.  Is this to make it easier to sail up and down while drunk and throw bottles out the windows?

We don't need a convention center.  Take a look at a map.  This city can get only so large physically; not convention-suited.  Not only that most of the beaches are short on parking and limited on access... (these towns don't want outsiders using and dirtying their beaches).  So there are limited things for conventioneers to do.

This community; county and city, is run by self-interested businessmen (pawn shop owners, bankers and real estate people).  This is their personal kitty.  And yes, there is corruption in how work is given out.  We shouldn't have duplicate services and we are paying through the nose for this waste.  Just take water and sewer; look at what you pay for county and city.  Too bad, so many lovely people here will soon be unable to afford the taxes and services. Kathleen


Legacy?  If Braodhurst gets credit for Verizon and PPD (two deals that were in motion before he got into office) then he should get blame for something he tried to ignored.  During these great Braodhurst times have we forgotten the overloaded and antiquated sewage system?  This town has become a cesspool with most of its lake and ponds having elevated levels of fecal colliform bacteria (e-coli).  Its not just coming from pets and yard runoff its coming from antiquated sewage pipes that leak raw sewage daily.  Its not only our ponds and steams.  Have you had any oysters from local estuaries like Bradley Creek lately? No, because bacteria related to raw human sewage continues to pollute our waterways and estuaries! Take a ride across the Bradley Creek bridge at low tide. That smell is raw human sewage!

In the last two years there have been many sewage pipe ruptures (not related to utility work) due to a waste disposal system in need of repair.  Its time for a leader to focus on Wilmington's well-being not just its economic growth.  What will it take for people to do something about Wilmington's pollution crisis.  If they continue to tie in thousands of new businesses and residences into the sewage system without improving the dilapidated infrastructure then an ecological disaster is imminent.  If the politicians think installing some new pipes will cost too much, maybe they think a summer or two with closed beaches due to sewage contamination would be less expensive. It just sounds like politicians are really patting themselves in the back for little or no reason AGAIN.

Just a thought,

J.B. Lancaster


Broadhurst created a lot of smoke and mirrors during his term as mayor.  PPD and alot of the development was already on the way and the convention center has been discussed for years.  Broadhurst acted in the special interest of big business and getting the convention center the way he did.  A monkey could have in the mayors seat and the growth Wilmington has had would have still occurred due to our location and attraction and he should not get credit for it.  I also worked for Mr Broadhurst for six months with Suntrust Bank and after a 7 year career, was let go this past February with no valid reason so he was also not a good employer.  There is discrimination against

African Americans and Hispanics in his branches as well.    He was loosing

market share and not running the bank and that is why I feel he was relocated.  The media tried to portray Broadhurst as a God but in reality, that was not the case.  The wake of the legal matters of the convention center and things he left undone will continue to haunt the tax payers of Wilmington

Scott Ingram