Consider This: Broadhurst's Legacy

Tuesday night, in Wilmington, there will be a much anticipated change on city council. Spence Broadhurst exits stage left, and Bill Saffo enters stage right. We'll have plenty of opportunity to talk about Mr. Saffo, so now we want to acknowledge the successes of Mr. Broadhurst's administration.

How much of a difference can one man make? During his time in office, Verizon came to Wilmington bringing over a thousand new jobs. PPD is building their new headquarters downtown and adding jobs, and Wilmington has come as close as ever to its dream of having a convention center.

But far and away, in our opinion, his biggest accomplishment is something the history books should not overlook. Mr. Broadhurst deserves credit not only for getting everyone on city council working together, but also, frankly, for acting like adults. He brought consensus-building, focus, and class to the table. Meetings were no longer the spectacles they had become in the past when, for those of you who are new to Wilmington, city council meetings looked more like a three-ring circus.

For that, Mr. Mayor, we thank you. And, Mr. Saffo, it's our sincere hope that you can build on that particular legacy. For Wilmington to continue to grow in the right direction, we need a city council that continues to be run by grown-ups.

That's what we think. Tell us what you think.