Man Who Relies on Public Transportation Hits Roadblock

JUNE 15, 2006 -- A Wilmington resident says he can't get to his bus stop and he says a construction project is to blame.

Demetrius Simpkins says he has battled obesity for years. He weighs 540 pounds and uses Wave Transit buses to get around the city.

Now road construction in his Creekwood neighborhood has forced Wave Transit to shift its route and Simpkins can't get to his bus stop.

It's hard enough for Simpkins to ride his wheelchair the extra half-mile through construction to get to the stop on Kornegay Road, but now he has another roadblock. This week he was told the buses don't have lifts that will accomodate the weight of Simpkins and his wheelchair.

But Wave Transit has found a way to help Simpkins. They will send a bus with a special lift to pick him up until the construction project is complete.

Reported by Nicole Ferguson