Background Checks for College Students

JUNE 9, 2006 -- Representatives for UNCW have agreed to meet with local attorneys and the family of a slain UNCW student about the possibility of requiring background checks for all students who apply to state colleges.

Jessica Faulkner was murdered by Curtis Dixon in 2004 in her dorm room at UNCW.

Members of the Attorney General's Office who are representing UNCW have agreed to meet with her family's lawyers, Thom Goolsby and Clarke Speaks.

In the meantime, Goolsby says he has tracked down a local company called Castle Branche that does background checks for universities across the country. This company would provide background checks for all students at no cost to the state.

Goolsby will meet with Faulkner's parents and Senator Neal Hunt next week to discuss the background checks. He is hoping to meet with UNCW Administration and Officials from the UNC School system sometime in July.

Reported by: Kacey Gaumer