Wilmington Officials Look to Fill Empty Seat on City Council

JUNE 2, 2006 -- The aftermath of Mayor Spence Broadhurst's resignation continues to resonate in Wilmington. He will be leaving in July and filling his post means another void will be created.

When Mayor-select Bill Saffo takes over the city's top job, someone will need to fill Saffo's seat on the city council. Several people have expressed interest in the council seat, including two people who have previous experience on the council.

Business woman Pat Delair ran for a council seat in the 2005 election. Attorney J.C. Hearne has served on the council before. Hearne is considered by some to be a frontrunner for the job.

Councilman Jim Quinn says the council will nominate people for the seat during Tuesday's meeting.

Any number of nominations can be made. The first nominee with four votes will get the seat. Again, there is no official list of people in the running.

Reported by Nicole Ferguson