"The Organized Solution to your Cluttered Spaces"

What is Storganization?

It's simply "storage organization". Garages, sheds, and attics are all places that tend to gather clutter. Storganization will haul off anything that you wish to discard, clean the space, and then use our organization techniques, as well as shelving, racks, and cabinets, to reclaim that space that you once had. You will be able to easily locate anything that you need, when you need it.

How will you know what to throw away and what to keep if I'm not there?

During our free consultation, we will go through your space with you. At that time, you can point out specific items or specific types of items to keep or trash. If we are not sure of what to do whith an item once the organization process has begun, and you are not available, we can handle it in one of two ways. First, we can take picture of the item and email it to you wherever you are for an immediate decision. Secondly, we can put it over to the side for you to make a decision on upon your return. Once the decisions are made, we can come back the next day and finish the project.

What types of jobs will you do?

We can handle most anything you've got and, because we offer free consulations, we can let you know if we can at no cost to you. We handle residential jobs, but because some of the most cluttered spaces can be a warehouse, office space, or auto garage, we also do commercial jobs.

Some folks would rather take care of organization before it becomes a problem. That is why, in addition to existing spaces, we are available for work on new construction, installing racks, cabinets, and shelving, even helping you organize straight out of boxes and the moving truck.

Storganization has three main jobs:

Haul it.

- We will haul off anything that needs to be trashed. And we can handle ANYTHING.

Clean it.

-Who knows when the last time that you saw that shed floor was, much less cleaned it. We will make sure that the space is cleaner than it has been in years before we begin the last phase.

Organize it.

- Using our organization know how, as well as a myriad of rack, shelving, and cabinetry products, we will organize your garage, shed, or attic to make it a functional space and, more importantly, make it easy for you to find anything that you are looking for more easily than you ever have.

Satisfaction is guaranteed. If it is not right when we finish, we will make it right.

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