Atlantic Beach Bike Fest Kicks Off in Myrtle Beach

MAY 26, 2006 -- Myrtle Beach wrapped up its annual Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Festival last weekend. Then the Atlantic Beach Bike Festival started on Friday.

The four-day event is the biggest motorcycle rally that attracts primarily black bikers. Riders poured into the Grand Strand from all corners of the nation.

This is the first bike fest after the NAACP reached a settlement with the city of Myrtle Beach, for discriminatory treatment of black bikers. One biker says he finds the lawsuit has a big impact on his bike fest experience.

"They extend a welcome hand to us. Whether that's out of the heart, we don't know. But we're getting more opportunities as far as stores to visit.  Some of the stores that were usually closed, they're open this year."

The Atlantic Beach Bike Fest continues through Memorial Day.