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Great idea and motivation but let us not over react as most radio stations and newscasters do. That's what they get paid for....sensationalism.

Yes, FEMA could have done a better job in many areas of assistance after Hurricane Katrina but please remember that the first word in FEMA is "Federal." Much of the fiasco named Katrina could have and would have been prevented if local and state governments had their own acts together. Our founding fathers never intended the federal government to usurp the rights and jurisdictions of local and state entities.

It was not FEMA's fault that acres of New Orleans school buses went unused in the evacuation process.

It was not FEMA's fault that previously granted federal funds were diverted from levee enhancements to bridge building.

It was not FEMA's fault..... (you get the point)

We should never rely on someone else to do our job for us. It is up to our own local and state governments to prepare our communities for the potential of a hurricane disaster. This needs to start with strict enforcement of damage mitigating building and CAMA codes. Every potential emergency "what if" question should be answered with a documented plan and the plan, from soup to nuts, should be published in a very public way so that all citizens can become educated about the details of the plan well before the disaster happens.

If you do want something to blast FEMA with, don't talk about New Orleans but ask why FEMA did not consider much of lower Alabama and Mississippi to be in a velocity flood zone (VE zone). Hundreds, if not thousands, of houses were swept away by storm surges because they were not in federally designated flood zones and were not built to flood zone standards.

After you have investigated the issue above, then ask if supposedly inland areas of North Carolina might be at the same risk. I lived though Hurricane Hugo. All one should have to say is "Remember McClellanville". John Campbell