Colin Hackman

Colin Hackman grew up in the newsroom of WECT, literally. The Hoggard High School Senior Class President started working for WECT as a teenager.

Colin began his television career here in the Production Department as a teleprompter operator, studio camera operator, designing graphics, audio operator, and assistant director. Finally, after a year of "relentless begging," Colin changed his focus to news photographer. Colin fell in love with capturing a story on video, but it was during this time that he also developed a passion for telling the story, and a passion for covering weather as Hurricanes Fran, Bertha and Bonnie during the late 90's proved the importance of accurate weather reporting.

Life, however, pulled Colin away from broadcast news for a few years. Upon his return in 2004, the folks at WECT gave him the opportunity to once again follow his passion. "Once I returned, it was amazing what we could accomplish together. WECT is the place I learned how to live life. I had successes and failures, and through it all a few people stuck by my side and helped me to be the person I am today. I thank God for them," says Hackman.

In March 2005, Colin moved to Reno/Lake Tahoe as a reporter for the NBC affiliate. In his first year he was promoted to weather anchor. It was also during this time that he met his wife, then executive producer, Michelle. "She made me wait one year for a date, and then she told me you get one shot. I guess it went well," said Hackman.

In December 2008, Colin with Michelle in tow, returned the Port City where his parents still live. Serving as morning meteorologist you can watch Colin on WECT and WSFX both anchoring weather and reporting for the area's most watched morning show.

Fun Facts:

Colin's daughter, Peyton Frances, is named after WECT Anchor Frances Weller – and his childhood friend Peyton Dergay.

In 1995 Colin won the Mid-Eastern conference in the 1600m for Hoggard High School.  The same year he helped the Vikings win the east region in cross country.  Now he coaches track and cross country for Cape Fear Academy;  He still runs regularly.

Colin's mother is an accomplished actress and playwright.





2012 Carolina's Reporter of the Year
2011 North Carolina Reporter of the Year
2010 North Carolina Reporter of the Year
2011 Best Series
2011 Best Education Reporting
2010 Political/Election (2nd)
2009 Best General News
2009 Best Feature
2009 Best Documentary
2010 Weathercast (2nd)