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Key Witness Testifies in Wilmington Murder Trial

Ladiamond Jones Ladiamond Jones
Roncin Sanders Roncin Sanders
Demond Wells Demond Wells

MAY 18, 2006 -- A key witness took the stand Thursday in the murder trial of a Wilmington DJ. The witness testified that he was with Roncin Sanders when Sanders was shot and killed.

Thirty-two-year-old Ladiamond Jones testified that he and Sanders got into a scuffle with 34-year-old Demond Wells in December of 2002 over a record deal.  He says Wells shot and killed Sanders. Jones said the fight wasn't very violent, but he did admit to stomping on Wells' head twice.  Jones says he didn't want to hurt Wells.  In cross examination, Defense Attorney Bill Peregoy questioned his honesty.  Peregoy said, "You told them again later on, I only kicked him once. Did you mispeak again sir? Jones: Yes.  Peregoy: So, one kick turned into two stomps, and a man of your education made that mistake twice?  Jones:  Yes."

Prosecution is set to wrap up with their testimony some time Friday.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer

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