Parents of Murdered UNCW Student File Suit Against University

Jessica Faulkner
Jessica Faulkner

MAY 17, 2006 -- The parents of Jessica Faulkner are suing UNCW, claiming the university is in part at fault for their daughter's death.

Jessica Faulkner was murdered by Curtis Dixon just before graduation in 2004. Her parents say Dixon should never have been enrolled at UNC Wilmington. The Faulkners believe the school should have known about Dixon's past. They say he had been kicked out of UNC Charlotte and the North Carolina School of the Arts for stalking and disorderly conduct.

Faulkner's parents are also suing Dixon's father, claiming he falsified documents to get Dixon into UNCW. The family says something needs to be done to protect students from becoming victims.

Dixon committed suicide in prison before the case went to trial.

Reported by Sarah Warlick