Leland Council Appoints New Interim Town Manager

MAY 12, 2006 -- The town of Leland has a new interim town manager.

Bill Farris is filling the position.

Farris markes the 2nd Interim Town Manager in Leland since the end of April. That's when David Hewett shocked the town by leaving his resignation letter on the conference room table.

Several days later the council appointed City Planner, Lee Nicols as the interim.

In another surprise, Nicols was let go from both the town manager and city planner positions.

The mayor says that was the best move for the town.

The Leland Town Council appointed Bill Farris as the latest interim town manager during a meeting on Friday. He is a consultant and comes with a long resume.

The mayor says Farris comes with the experience Leland needs. Mayor Futch also says Farris will guide the council in finding the permanent town manager.

Reported by Sarah Warlick