Local Radio Show Host Sports Speedo After Losing Bet

MAY 12, 2006 -- Radio isn't television and maybe that's why T.J. Cutini figured a stunt he performed Thursday morning wouldn't come back to haunt him. He was wrong.

Cutini hosts ESPN Radio's "Krunch Time." After losing a bet, he ran around the Nextmedia building and a McDonald's in Wilmington, donning only his speedo and a t-shirt. Cutini lost a bet after naming the wrong first pick in the NFL draft.

"It was longer than I thought it was, but it was fun though. I still can't believe Reggie Bush wasn't the number one pick. That's what got me into this shuffle to begin with," says Cutini.

Cutini says for now, all future bets are off.

Reported by Chunshek Chan