Bill Saffo Named as Mayor Broadhurst's Replacement

Bill Saffo
Bill Saffo

MAY 11, 2006 -- It took Wilmington City Council members less than ten minutes to choose Councilman Bill Saffo as Mayor Spence Broadhurst's successor.

Broadhurst says Saffo is the right person to fill his shoes.

"He will reach out to every corner of this city, every citizen. We've worked hard the past two and a half years, but Bill Saffo will take it to new levels," says Broadhurst.

Saffo says don't expect a shift in priorities for the city. He says he plans to see through many of the projects Broadhurst championed, like the convention center and fixing the ailing sewer system.

Saffo is in the real estate business. He's a Wilmington native. He was voted onto the council in 2003. Saffo will take over as mayor in July. That's when Broadhurst's resignation takes effect.

Councilman Saffo appeared live on WECT News at 11:00 Wednesday night. Click the link to the right to see video of his on-set interview.

Reported by Sarah Warlick