Viewer Responses

I certainly appreciate your editorial about voting.  I was one of the 10% who voted, and have voted in every election since I was 21 years old, back in 1958. One of the main problems is lack of news coverage by the candidates, both on TV, and in the newspapers.  The papers always chides people for now knowing who to vote for a certain judicial position, but look at the facts. In between elections, I never hear anything about how any judge is doing, for the most part.

I'm in Brunswick County, and I know for a fact that the police and sheriff would like nothing more than seeing Rex Gore defeated for district attorney.  However, as the incumbent, he is in a better postion to make himself visible than any of his challengers. The question is, how do we get people more interested in elections.  One thing that I could suggest is to move the voting date to a Saturday, and then really publicize it. We need more forums where the candidates can debate each other.  Money is the key to getting elected, or it seems to be.  I remember a man who got elected as Senator from Florida several years ago (sorry, I can't remember his name).  He didn't have any money, so he made himself visible by walking around the state, talking to people.  I've never seen a candidate for any office other than locals in Boiling Springs Lakes.  Candidates have got to get out and use their shoe leather and shake hands with the people if they want to get elected.


Thank you WECT for bringing the apathy in voting to the fore front.  I salute your effort to try and bring more people to the polls in the next election. 


I just watched the news with someone's very indignant comments about not understanding why so few people voted.  I certainly can't speak for anyone else, but this is why I don't bother to vote anymore.  Politicians, whether national or local, say what they think we want to hear before the election and then do whatever they want once elected.  To me, it feels like a game with the only "winner" being the person who gets elected.  There's no moral obligation to do what's right or what has been promised.  I am personally disgusted by the whole process.  Why should I waste my time to go vote for someone who has only his/her best interest at heart?