More Students are Paying for an A Online

MAY 4, 2006 -- As long as there have been college classes, there have been students looking for an easy way to an A.  In recent years, their cheating techniques have gone high tech.

Remember your college days and those dreaded term papers? Remember all those hours of research highlighting, outlining and sometimes just copying word for word out of the encyclopedia?  These days college student still hate writing term papers.  But now there is an another option.  Just go online.  There you'll find Papers Inn, Paper Due and Essay Depot, all websites where you can buy term papers for cheap.  The average price is $9.95 a page. Virtually any topic you can think of is there and students at UNCW are taking advantage of it.

It sounds easy, but there is a big risk.  You may get caught.  Two UNCW departments are using a website to check if a student is plagiarizing. A teacher submits a paper, and the system scans it against thousands of term papers online.  If they find a copy of the paper you paid for, you could be expelled.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer