Could There be a Recount for the State House?

MAY 3, 2006 -- Edd Nye is the longest continuously serving member of the state House, but that run could soon be over. Challenger William Brisson has beaten the Bladen County Democrat by 64 votes out of about 8,000 that were cast in Tuesday's primary elections.

Nye is from Elizabethtown. He has served 14 terms in Raleigh and is co-chair of the powerful Appropriations Committee. Brisson is from Dublin and actually lost to Nye in Bladen County but garnered enough votes in Cumberland County to end up on top.

Bladen County elections officials say they expect Nye to ask for a recount but the formal request hasn't been made yet.  There's no Republican candidate so the winner of the recount, if there is one, will likely end up with the job.