Consider This: Primary Elections

MAY 2, 2006 -- Tuesday, May 2 is Primary Day here in southeastern North Carolina. It's a day when typically fewer than 25% of the eligible voters decide who will be their party's candidates in the general election this November.

In Brunswick County, two candidates are squaring off in the Democratic primary for District Attorney. In the 8th Senate District, two candidates face off in the Republican primary.

Two Democrats in Pender County are vying for a chance to run against the current sheriff this November. In the 18th House District, two candidates are facing off for the Democratic nomination for NC General Assembly.

In New Hanover County, two current county commissioners face three challengers in the Republican primary for the opportunity to run for county commissioner in November. And, if you live in New Hanover County, the fate of the Parks and Recreation Bond will be decided; as will, for Wilmington residents, the fate of the Transportation Bond Referendum. We strongly urge approval of both bond referendums.

But elections aren't just about candidates and bond issues. They're about you, your family, your community, your life, and your future. Make the time to cast your ballot on Primary Day. Our future is too important to let just a handful of people decide.

That's what we think. Tell us what you think.