State Port Workers Will Use New ID Cards

APRIL 26, 2006 -- The Department of Homeland Security will perform background checks on an estimated 450,000 port employees across the country.  Those checks are already being done at the port in Wilmington, but there will be some additional security measures.

An access control system has been installed at the port to scan fingerprints of employees as they enter the port.  Susan Clizbe with the State Ports Authority says they will start using the system within the next month. She says every employee will be issued a transportation worker identification credential, also known as a TWIC card.

"What the federal TWIC system will do is extend the same kind of access control that we have already put in place here, and extend that to all ports nationwide, using the single credential, the single TWIC card," says Clizbe.

Clizbe says all port employees across the nation will have the TWIC cards, so she hopes that will boost security.