Jury Reaches Verdict in Wilmington Murder Trial

Ovarias Criego
Ovarias Criego

APRIL 24, 2006 -- A jury has reached a verdict in a Wilmington murder trial. That jury found Ovarias Criego and Fanta Jacobs guilty of second degree murder for killing Tyrone Bunting nearly two years ago.

Ovarias Criego admitted to shooting Bunting three times. He claims everything happened so fast. Criego and Fanta Jacobs got into a fight with Bunting. That's when Jacobs fired a gun at the ground. Criego then picked it up and shot Bunting. He said he was scared if he didn't, Bunting would shoot him.

Right before he left the stand, prosecutor Connie Jordan asked Criego if he fired the three shots that killed Bunting. Creigo's answer was yes.

Criego broke down and repeatedly looked back to Bunting's family saying he was sorry.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer