Greater Wilmington Arts and Cultural Alliance

The Greater Wilmington Arts and Cultural Alliance is Wilmington, NC and New Hanover County’s new arts council entity. Its mission is to support quality arts and cultural activities in the Greater Wilmington Community by:

Encouraging appreciation and participation in arts and culture in the community.

Advocating support for the arts and cultural entities at the local, state and national level.

Coordinating activities among local cultural organizations to benefit them and the community.

Enhancing Wilmington's reputation as an arts community by providing a resource for economic development through key strategic community partnerships.

Facilitating artistic achievement through grants and educational programs.

GWACA is supported by the North Carolina Arts Council which shares our mission to support quality arts and cultural activities in the greater Wilmington community.

Would you like to become involved in GWACA?

Become a member and consider joining one of our four committees. We would love to utilize your strengths and talents to help promote the arts and cultural resources of our area. Below is a brief description of each working committee and their responsibilities. For additional information contact us through the website. Thanks for your help!

Fund Raising is responsible for planning and implementing fund raising events and programs to satisfy their part of the annual budget. This committee also plays a key role in meeting with the finance committee to help establish the various income components of the annual budget including fund raising, membership dues, grant funds and other income sources.

Marketing/Communications publicizes events pertaining to GWACA, such as fundraising efforts, membership drives, annual meeting, and community outreach services. We will utilize various resources from within the committee to create press releases and make contacts with the local and state media. We can assist with logos, collateral materials, newsletter and the continued development, maintenance and marketing of the new web site:

Membership works to facilitate membership signup, establish a membership information list and develop a membership tier structure. They have obtained feedback from members of the arts and cultural community as to the area's greatest challenges, strengths as well as how GWACA can best assist the community as a whole. Under consideration is the establishment of Arts Focus Groups, in addition to assisting the other committees in the website set up. The membership committee welcomes new members. We appreciate visions and ideas that can help GWACA continue to grow and provide important arts and cultural services to its members.

Strategic Planning will be setting out the short term goals for GWACA that we feel can be achieved in a time frame of 12 to 18 mos. We will also establish a long-term view of the types of activities GWACA will be able to grow into as we develop the organization. Longer-range projections require careful planning and direction combined with resource assessment.

Meetings, workshops, public hearings, etc.

All meetings, workshops, public hearings, etc. are posted to our events calendar. A link to the calendar can be found on the menu bar and by following this link.