Lesbian Lover says Man was Killed over Jealousy

April 19, 2006 -- A woman whose former girlfriend is on trial for murder says it was jealousy that forced her lesbian lover to kill a man.

Two people are actually on trial for the murder of Tyrone Bunting.  Ovarius Criego and Fanta Jacobs are accused of killing Bunting two years ago. Wednesday, in the second day of the trial, a key witness, Maria Bonsignore, took the stand. Prosecutors say she's the one who got Jacobs and Criego to attack Tyrone Bunting in September of 2004. When Bonsignore took the stand, she admitted she lied to Jacobs and Criego. She said Bunting grabbed her at the Village Stop and Shop on Vance street, but she admits on the stand that that never happened. By the time she tried to tell Jacobs the truth, Jacobs and criego left and prosecutors say they got into a fight with Bunting and Criego shot him three times, killing him. Bonsignore says she lied about Bunting to make Jacobs jealous.

The medical examiner that performed an autopsy on Bunting's body also took the stand Wednesday. He testified that cocaine was in Bunting's system at the time of the murder. The defense tried to prove to the jury that Bunting was more aggravated during the fight, because he was on cocaine.  But witnesses that testified Tuesday said he was trying to block the punches instead of trying to throw them.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer