Kids Get Dolled Up for Easter Sunday

APRIL 16, 2006 -- Dressing up on Easter Sunday is a tradition for many in the area. For little girls like Eldwina Arnold, Easter means a new pair of cool shoes and a few other perks.

"I have a dress that has a little top that goes with it and it has flowers on it. I also have a little purse that has a butterfly pin on it," says Eldwina.

She was just one of the many sharp looking kids heading in and out of Easter services Sunday morning in Wilmington. The kids all looked their best in bright colors and fun festive patterns.

The kids don't come up with the styles on their own. For many, their parents help pick out their Easter Sunday outfits.

"We went to Hecht's and I found it and my grandma liked it too. But I had another one so we got both, but I wore this one," says Eldwina.

Besides the fun Easter fashions, kids looked forward to searching for treasures.

"The Easter Bunny comes. I got Easter eggs."

But parents say kids going to church learn the true meaning of the Easter holiday.

Reported by Nicole Ferguson