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Addiction, whether it is gambling, drugs, alcohol, or whatever, is tragic.  However, why are we singling out lottery tickets as an evil catalyst for gambling addiction?  It was here before the lottery tickets, and will be here long after they are gone.


Beer is legal, and there are alcoholics.  Cigarettes are legal and there are those who are addicted to those. 


The lottery tickets have a phone number printed on them for help with gambling addiction.  Do the beer bottles and cans have the same type number to help with A.A.?    Do the cigarette cartons or cigarette packs have a number to help with quit smoking?  How about a coupon for some money off for the purchase of a quit smoking patch?  What about a help line number on bags of cookies, doughnuts, and other junk foods for overeaters anonymous? 


We really need to get our priorities straight.  How about helping our children get a better education in school.  Helping our future generation be educated, well adjusted, and able to be productive and a positive part of this world.   


There will always be those who fall prey to an addiction, those I have mentioned above and other tragic addictions.  Vilifying the lottery will not stop the addicts, and the proceeds from the sale of tickets will help education. 


I think we have more pressing issues to worry about than a few scratch off tickets.