Jurors to Decide Fate of Accused Cop Killer

Darrell Maness
Darrell Maness

MARCH 30, 2006 -- Jurors are just hours away from deciding the fate of accused cop killer Darrell Maness.  He is accused of shooting and killing Boiling Spring Lakes Police Officer Mitch Prince last year.

Lawyers gave their closing arguments in the case Thursday. The state is trying to prove premeditation and is seeking a first degree murder verdict that could lead to a death penalty sentence for Darrell Maness.

The defense is hoping for a second degree murder verdict. They argue Maness didn't have enough time to plan and premeditate Officer Prince's murder.

Friday, the jury will begin deliberating.  WECT News will provide continuing coverage of the Maness trial as the jury decides his fate.

Reported by Ashley Hayes