Consider This: Food for Thought

MARCH 29, 2006 -- Occasionally, we receive comments regarding our Food For Thought reports that inform our viewers about restaurants and other food vendors in New Hanover County that get low sanitation grades from the health department. One viewer wrote that the reports about the health conditions at some of these businesses are disgusting, especially when roaches and flies are mentioned, and they shouldn't be aired during the dinner hour.

When we first started giving out the restaurant scores, it was not uncommon to have half a dozen businesses mentioned each week with some pretty bad sanitation conditions. Some restaurants even complained that we were picking on them. Of course, those were the ones who were always getting the low scores.

In the ten years since our first Food For Thought broadcast, we have been credited with helping to clean up some ugly problems in the restaurant business because, now, no one wants to be featured in our stories. The number of businesses that used to get the low scores has gone down dramatically. At the same time, the reports have probably saved numerous viewers from medical problems like food borne illnesses.

So, even though some of the content of the Food For Thought report may sound disgusting, it's important to let you know where it is safe and clean for you and your family to eat. And if it is not, then we need to make you aware of that as well. Our job is news, and unfortunately, not all news is pretty.

That's what we think, tell us what you think.